Global Unites Master Trainers Academy

The Global Unites Master Trainers Academy is a program that has been running under the name GU fellows program for the past three years.

It’s a course of the theory and practice of peace building with an emphasis on community mobilizing and grassroots engagement. The course takes a deeper dive in to the pillars of Global Unites along with other core teachings on Peace Building. The course also has special workshops and stand alone training on public speaking , training of trainers , self care , monitoring and evaluation, fundraising and organizational development.

The course will include visiting lecturers from Harvard University, MIT and the University if Notre Dame.

The course will be mainly led by myself and the core team of GU and with the assistance of our network of resource people.
The course is free for GU members of the member nations. However, Those outside the movement can also enroll but will be required to pay admission fee and pass interviews for admission.

Those who graduate from the program will have an official Global Unites Master trainer title and will be on a carder of trainers to be dispatched for local and international training. They will also be eligible for financial compensation for training outside the Global Unites network. .

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