A kind request from all Sri Lankans from a fellow Sri Lankan

Hi, I’m Stephanie. Just another ordinary citizen of this beautiful country. I’m also a friend, a daughter, a fiancé and a 26 year old attorney who just entered the profession. And I have a request from all of you SRI LANKANS out there.

Like most people, I too use social media. During the recent election season, especially on the Election Day, I witnessed so much racism on social media it made me sick to my stomach. Unfortunately I have to admit that most of these racist remarks kept coming from people whom I thought were educated and intelligent.

If you voted for our current president like I did, I’d like you to take a step back and think if you voted him for the right reasons. I voted for him because I genuinely believe he has the ability to make our homeland a better place for ALL OF US to live in. Did you vote him for different reasons? Reasons that have anything to do with race, religion or cast? Then unfortunately my friend, you’re what’s called a “racist”.

It’s okay for you to have your own political opinion. And you most certainly have the right to vote for a candidate that you prefer. But all of us need to understand that, irrespective of our differences we’re all Sri Lankans. We were all born in this country and most likely die in this country too. This is our home, the place we seek peace and comfort. And who are you and I, if we use our civic rights to take that right away from a fellow citizen?

This is not a rant. This is not a blame game. But I sincerely hope this note will serve as an eye opener. I simply condemn words/actions that promote discrimination and not the person because know for a fact that some of my friends who posted these things, are actually good people. Ignorant, yes. But still good people. So why not be informed, responsible and good people? Make you own independent decisions without being mislead by social media. Use your rights to better our country. I leave the choice to you.

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