No to Hate and Violence #NeverAgain

Marking 10 years since the end of the war and 6 months since the Easter Attacks Sri Lanka Unites would like to host a national memorialization and collective pledge titled #NeverAgain. This event will bring together youth from all 25 districts embodying the aspirations of a new generation of Sri Lankans.

Sri Lanka Unites is a grassroots movement that has been in operation since 2007, engaging with over one million youth and active in 25 districts of the country, with over 25,000 members, over 1000 volunteers and 9 reconciliation centers. The event will promote an inclusive Sri Lankan identity and break the cycles of violence and circles of hate. We will also collectively mourn the loss of lives and aspire to inculcate a collective identity and resolve as a new generation of Sri Lankans for an inclusive Sri Lankan identity and a non-violent, peaceful, prosperous future.1

Why? The Purpose of The Event

  • Awareness about the country’s conflict and cycles of violence
  • Collective Memorialization and Healing
  • Platform to express our commitment to say No to Hate and Violence, #NeverAgain
  • Promoting an inclusive Sri Lankan Identity and our Path Forward

How? The Strategy of the Event

  • National Gathering of Youth and Allies
  • Use of arts – Introducing memorialization and creating awareness on cycles of violence
  • Pledge and Commitment as a new generation of Sri Lankans
  • 3 simple proactive steps communities and individuals can take

promote an inclusive identity

intentionally integrating with other communities

counter hate speech and violence.

What? The Components of the Event


  • Opening the memorial
  • Workshops for young budding artists from across Sri Lanka interested in memorialization and promoting unity through their art
  • Truth Circles (all 3 languages) for sharing grievances and pain
  • Various artistic expressions to create awareness, memorialization and affirm our pledge

Key Performance Indicators How do we gauge our success at this event?

  • Numbers attended both physically and online (livestream, use of hashtag, pledge)
  • Media Coverage
  • Viral Content
  • Surveys/ Testimonials
  • A viral documentary of the entire event and a new generations pledge and actions.
  • The Documentary to be featured at film festivals.

Sustained Impact

  • Regional Memorials that value the dignity of all Sri Lankan lives lost
  • More Numbers of Youth making the pledge and living by it
  • A new culture of a collective countering hate speech and violence and promote civility, respect and reconciliation


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