Get to know our Sri Lanka Unites Co-National Director

Neluni Tillekeratne was appointed as the new Co- National Director of Sri Lanka Unites. She is the first female Co- National Director of Sri Lanka Unites. WhatsApp Image 2018-04-20 at 11.39.31 AMShe joined Sri Lanka Unites as a student in Future Leaders Conference 2, since then she has consistently been part of the movement as a volunteer. She was a National Committee member,department head of Champions Of Change and also handled the School Relations.

1.Why do u do what you do? 

I have continuously volunteered with Sri Lanka Unites since 2010 because its a platform to directly impact young people across Sri Lanka through my efforts. As a young Sri Lankan, I aspire to do my part in ensuring that my generation would never opt for war/violence as a means of resolving communal issues. I feel there’s always a possibility of inter-ethnic / inter-religious conflict in Sri Lanka because our emotions are manipulated by politicians- we are turned against each other for their gain which is why this topic must be addressed. Over the last 8 years with Sri Lanka Unites, I have seen hundreds of young people transform from being racists to advocates of peace, justice and shared prosperity. I am fundamentally convinced that advocacy for youth and peace-building is extremely important for Sri Lanka’s development, which is why I do what I do.

2. What activities are you engaged in at the moment?

In the past, I have headed multiple departments of the organization – currently as Co- ND, I head donor and partner relations of the movement.
3. What activities do you do when you aren’t addressing youth and peace?
When I’m not addressing youth and peace, I support a project which studies economic growth in Sri Lanka.
-Neluni Tillekeratne-

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